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Labrador Retriever, traditionally called Labrador, is a dog which its origins are in Terranova, Canada. It is a dog very well adapted to low temperatures. Labradors also show an in equivocal hunting instinct. It is the assistant dog by excellence and it is considered to be the most popular dog as a pet.

His exceptional kindness, intelligence, energy and ability make the Labradors be considered good companions for people of all ages. They are hard-working dogs and are used in police squats to help them in anti-drugs, anti-explosives and rescue operatives among others. With some training, the Labrador Retriever is one of the most dependent and obedient dogs.

In the course of one year we breed once and it usually amounts to 6 Labrador puppies. They belong to the "chocolate" variety of Labrador, one of the most unusual ones.

In order to make a reservation for your Labrador, please do not hesitate to contact us through our telephone number or our e-mail address which you can find in Contact. The 6-7 best offers, depending on the amount of puppies born, will be the lucky ones. This reservation process will be closed when delivering the first Labrador puppy.