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  Equestrian activities

Vaulting: is an equestrian modality that provides the rider with security, equilibrium as well as an improved ability in his/her technique.

Initiation in dressage, jumping and tournaments: we offer courses for children from 5 years old. We intend to form riders with a strong base encouraging respect towards the horse.

Equestrian tournaments: competition against other riders is one of the very exciting features that pays back all the training that you have had before. It is a test of ability and level that gives you the experience with which to consolidate the knowledge that you got from the lessons. It is the starting point towards specialization of the rider in the equestrian world.

We offer different countryside excursions once the rider has shown balance, experience and control over the horse. There are different types of excursions the rider can take depending on his/her level, an accompanying teacher will be always present in order to guarantee maximum safety.